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Module 1: Campaign Creation

Advertisement Material Codification

  1. Create an Advertiser

Capture all details like Name of Advertiser, contact person, Address, GST No., etc.

  1. Create Product
    1. Select Advertiser
    2. Add Product Name

System auto creates a Product ID

  1. Create Design
    1. Select Advertiser
    2. Select Product
    3. Add Design Name

System auto creates a design ID

  1. Create the First URL
    1. Manually Create (Edit existing Sample URL)
    2. Add/ Edit fields (Manual) – Name of Commuter, Mobile Number, etc.
    3. Save URL (Till this it is Manual)
    4. Match URL to Product & Design

                                               i.     User Copies URL address into a Field on the form

                                              ii.     Select Advertiser

                                             iii.     Select Product

                                             iv.     Select Design

                                              v.     Assign Bonus Points for Sales

                                             vi.     Create Final URL

The system embeds the Product ID & Design ID into the URL

  1. Create a Campaign
    1. Campaign Name
    2. Select Advertiser
    3. Select Product
    4. Select Design
    5. Insert No. of QR Codes required

System picks up the URL as per inputted selections & adds driver IDs as per the requested no. of QR codes. The output of this process is a CSV file with a list of URLs.

The user picks up the CSV to generate bulk QR code creation software/ websites and create as many QR codes provided in .zip format.

The .zip file and the design is sent to the printer for printing.


For every vendor/advertiser separate panel will work , means will work as multi vendor



Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 costing of this module INR15,000.000.00%INR15,000.00
Sub Total INR15,000.00
Paid -INR15,000.00
Total Due INR0.00

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