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Invoice Date July 21, 2022
Total Due INR64,900.00
Shubham Kanjilal

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Dear sir,

 Scope of the Project

The Scope of the project (web and android/iphone based application) are as follows:



Basic required features of the system

·        Admin Login

·        End User Login- Direct Account creation or Gmail Or Facebook

·        End User purchase item 

·        Item Sales Management 

·        Immediate purchase confirmation by Email

·        Smart search panel for admin and user

·        Secure Payment gat way integration


            The features accessible to users are as follows:


·       Admin (Web based): 

Ø  Viewing of daily enquiry about products.

Ø  Approve the sales

Ø   Item Costing segment - item costing will be categorized in two segment first standard fix rates , admin can edit it and second rates from executive according to company rules.

Ø  Collect the payment through credit card, net banking , debit card 

Ø  Can track the sales

Ø  Add, Viewing, and updation of items according to categories , and rates

Ø  viewing and updation of end users

Ø  Add, viewing and updation of product’s category and sub category 

Ø  Can watch reviews of sales

Ø  Smart Searching : Can search according to various filters

Ø  Smart reporting : Reporting management

Ø  Setting up of cancellation policies




Customer or End User(Web & Android/iphone Based):

Ø  End user interface according to stackholder

Ø  Interactive end user pages of web site and android app

Ø  Products listing and searching  

Ø  All smart filters

Ø  Watch all items according to brand and rates, related to more filters

Ø  Watch the available services

Ø  Can purchase through add to cart

Ø  Smart login and profile management 

Ø   Payment page show summery and back to search results

Ø   Payment confirmation page with print, email, etc. options

Ø  Purchase confirmation  email will go to customer




Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 React Native Based Android and Iphone app with Web panel based admin portion

Total 35 working days required
6 months free support
after 6 months support charges are 25% of whole costing for the year
in support period if requirement or module increase then additional costing will be apply
Free shared hosting for the year

Sub Total INR55,000.00
GST INR9,900.00
Total Due INR64,900.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank