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Invoice Number INV-1328
Invoice Date September 5, 2023
Total Due INR9,440.00
Shrenik Shah

dahisar west, Mumbai


Kindly find invoice for the below requirements

1) The logo is not circle in both - desktop and mobile version of the website. Please correct it that it is circle.

2) Currently when we click on language buttons, they go to the homepage. Instead it should go to the same page but the selected language.

3) The blue color of the menu should be changed to either of this color:
#AFDCEC             Coral Blue
#ADDFFF             Light Day Blue

4) The gallery page is currently empty. Please suggest some good layout for adding photos/videos event wise. You can maybe add 3-4 events and some dummy videos/photos yourself. I will later tell the customer to replace images and videos. There should be a place for text as well. Please remember that the images/videos should be grouped in events. Also we need to seperate pages in Finnish/english.

5) The "Aikataulut and hinnat"/"Schedule and prices" page does not show up correctly on mobile. The last column which has the class name comes at the bottom. Please correct it.

6) The "Aikataulut and hinnat"/"Schedule and prices", Wednesdays should be in middle column, the corresponding text in last column.

7) We need to have submenus for "Aikataulut and hinnat"/"Schedule and prices":
When user clicks on submenu, directly that section of webpage opens up.

8) Similarly for Hyvä tietää/"useful-information" page, we need to have submenus. The order needs to be like this:
Säännöt, ohjeet ja neuvot (+ you can remove the English heading from the Finnish page)
Uusille tanssijoille
Jos sinulla on kysyttävää

Similar in english.

9) I need to to do quite many text changes. I wish to do it myself. You need to write/explain in a call how to do changes to the website. 

10) We need to ultimately port it this website to
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 updation on website INR8,000.000.00%INR8,000.00
Sub Total INR8,000.00
GST INR1,440.00
Total Due INR9,440.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank