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Contact Number: +91-7566663042/ 07314047162

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Invoice Number INV-1067
Invoice Date March 23, 2020
Total Due INR59,000.00

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1 Native Android App Development

Splash Screen
Interactive Dashboard -Home page – Display Our Product image and show remaining products and (Boom Boom Hurry up Hurry
Gallery – Display our images and videos in this section, it will be uploading from admin section.
Signup – Name, Mobile, Mail id, DOB, Gender, Area.
Login– mobile, password. Send a otp for first time and create password.
About us – Static page
Contact us – Static Page, Put a form.
User Account:
My orders- Your order details which ordered older things and date of ordered and delivered details. Put
a button for this item buy again.
Cart- Items which they select and put it in a cart.
Settings- Profile Edit, Login & Security, Your Addresses.
Your sms and Notifications
Invite your friend
Sign out

1 web panel based admin portion

User’s data with Excel download and Filtration. Admin can edit data at any time.
Orders data with excel download and Filtration.
Create user account.
Send a message to non activated accounts. Button
Update photos and videos for gallery from admin.
Accounts Data with download option.
Working process:
1. A user can Register and buy any product.
2. Ask Data with user
If male above 26 years ask for this relations in a sequence Wife, Mother, Father, sisters, brothers, Child, friends, of their ( Names, Mobile number, DOB, Gender, Area). . And create their account and send a message like ___________________________________________________

If Female Above 26 years ask this relations in a sequence Husband, Mother, Father, Sister, Brothers, Child, Friends, of their Name, Mobile Number, DOB, Gender, Area. . And create their account and send a message like ___________________________________________________

If Male or Female 18 to 25 Years ask for this relations in a sequence Mother, Father, Sister, Brothers, Friends, of their Names, Mobile Number, DOB, Gender, Area. And create their account and send a message like ___________________________________________________

Ask marriage day for husband and wife and Mother Father Marriage day also.

These messages will send immediately and create account.

Ask relations information every 4 days once if they reject that ask next, after 4 days and repeat the same. This is by notification. (Not by messages).

Payment Gateway
Sms Integration

Sub Total INR50,000.00
GST INR9,000.00
Total Due INR59,000.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank