Head Office: 115, Navrang Plaza, Sapna Sangeeta Main Road, Tower Chouraha Indore(MP) – 452001, India


Contact Number: +91-7566663042/ 07314047162

Email Id:

Invoice Number INV-1129
Invoice Date September 14, 2020
Total Due INR44,200.00

Phone - 8486986050

The Scope of the project (web based application) are as follows:


Basic required features of the system

 Admin Logiing

-  Customer  Login

- Reporting management

-  Payment Gateway Integration

    -  Shirt Customization 

        The features accessible to users are as follows:



# Web Version frontend features:

1. Ecommerce Based Website 

2. Interative Dashboard

- Logo

3. User/customer Log-in screen

- User ID (Mobile No) and Password

4. User/customer Registration screen

- Full name*

- Contact Number* (Mobile No)

- Alternative Contact number

- E-mail (not mandatory)

- Address

5. Forgot/reset Password screen

- Please provide your registered Mobile No, once that is verified with the database, app sends an OTP code to the verified

Mobile no and it asks you to reset your password

- Registered phone no copied to the reset screen.

- New password, Confirm new password

6.  Menu

- Dashboard

- Profile

- Product category

- Rewards

- Wish List

- Order History

- Help & FAQ

- Logout

7. User/customer Dashboard/home screen

- Product listing (Main category)

-- Product pictures (selected category)

8. Search

- PIN based product search/Shop search

- Local product search

- Product search

9. Main Category screen (Maximum 3 level)

- Parent Category

- Child Category

- Sub category

10. Product listing screen (Categorically)

- Product image (Single pic)

Product name

- Product info (Brief)

- Product Price

- Discount

11. Product details screen

- Product image (Single pic)

- Product name

- Product info (In details)

- Product variation

- Product Price

- Discount

- Quantity

- Add to cart

- Buy Now

12. Wish List

- Each and every product will have an Icon, on clicking on it will be saved under this list (Registered user only).

13. Cart

- Product details (Brief)

- Product Quantity

- Delete

- Proceed to buy

14. Payment/checkout page

- Address (with a select radio button)

Delivery Address

Pick up Address

- This can be searched (Nearby shop/store)

OTP verification on Delivery/pickup

- Order summary

- Pay with payments options

- Redeem rewards

- Place your order Button

- Order confirmation SMS and email notification (Functionality)

15. Order History (Listing) screen

- Order ID

- Order brief (Order Details Screen – Order Break down/summary, delivery date, delivery status, cancel order)

- Order Price

- Cancel order

- Invoice Details (Invoice needs to be saved in this section as pdf, so that user can view and download it in the phone)

16. Rewards History screen

- For a user, rewards will be like, on each and every purchase he/she will receive some points, which will be shown in this

screen in tabular form. These points will be given by the Admin. Users will be able to redeem those points for the next

purchase depending on the terms and condition set by the admin.

- Month /Year filtration

- Total Rewards

17. Discount/Offer

- This section will showcase discounts on products.

- These discounts will be created from the Admin.

18. Profile Management

- User image upload


- Email

- Phone No

- Secondary Phone No

19. Shirt Customization Option

User can change the color of the shirt with few options

User can add his/her face photo on the shirt

# Back-end (Super Admin)

1. Log-in

- Login with email (User ID) and password

2. Forgot Password

- Reset password through the reset email link in the email id.

3. Dashboard

- This will have all the major main menus like User management, vendor management (including product management),

order management and reward management etc.

4. Content Management System (CMS)

5. User Profile Management

- Admin will be able to view/activate/deactivate and edit the user/customers profile.

6. Product Category Management

- Create/Add/Edit/Delete Product Category (Max 3 level)

- Image upload

- Auto Price calculation (Base price, CC Avenue, logistics, Profit)

Unit Management:

7. Customization  Management

8. Order Management

- Order List (This will have order Id, order summary, price details, order date, vendor details)

- Order status (Pending, Processing, Completed, Cancel)

9. Reward Management

- Admin will be able to see the Total Reward point history for each user/customer.

- Rewards settings: Admin will be able to set the calculation of the rewards points’ vs. amount on the total order amount. So,

if a user redeems his/her rewards point from the app in the time of purchase, the amount will be deducted from the total

purchase amount. There will be a calculation table which will be set by the admin and it will show the amount against

rewards point. Like 1000 reward points = INR 100.00

10. Billing/invoice process

- Bill/Invoice generation with all the relevant details.

- Client name, Phone no, email id, Address.

- Invoice/Bill no

- Company’s GSTIN no.

- Client’s GSTIN no (if required).

11. Bill print

- Print of the sells bill (Invoice).

- Hourly basis auto invoice printing.

12. Logout

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Web Portal & Admin Portion Web Panel Based Development

Free 50 GB shared hosting
Still, its big portal so that VPS may be required, VPS will be provided by the client only
Free one year support
After one-year support charges are INR 12000 per month

Sub Total INR65,000.00
GST INR11,700.00
Paid -INR32,500.00
Total Due INR44,200.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank