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Invoice Date October 29, 2020
Total Due INR47,200.00

Dear Abhijett sir,

Kindly find invoice with required features, if we are missing some points then please let us inform we will be updated it.

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1 Native Android App Development for sales persons

This app will work according roles wise .
1. Splash Screen
2. Login
3. This user can mark his/her attendance
4. This user dashboard will show type or order primary and secondary order
5. Tab of my plan, activities, analysis
6. Made plan page will collect information from the user , he/she can select work type like field work, meeting ,new distributor hunting ,van sales , weekly off.
7. Made plan will also collect the route location .
8. Once made plan submitted then It will goes to the admin and will show on dashboard.(Admin can watch whats login time , lat and long with location of this user)
9. Similary this user can take secondary order it takes from the retails or shops , list of retailers and shop will display which are in that routes
10. Secondary order – will display pre sell details
11. Once secondary order done then invoice format will display
12. If this user take primary order - same route distributor list will display .. This user can collect amount ,,like through the cheque or cash… Then order can make like made in secondary order
13. Navigation menu will show these options – Home , Switch Route – can swith the route then according to that primary and secondary order list will open, Outbox – can work offline with few options, Add new retailer – new retailer can add, edit retailer – can edit ,submitted calls, admin forms, reports , closing stock entry, master sync, logout.
14. Through the submit calls , this users can go through and can delete the orders what he/she did.
15. Admin form with three options – leave management , Tour plan management and expense management .
Leave management – can apply for the leave, it will go for the concern manager .
Tour plan management - Make the tour plan of next week or month , select every things about the orders .. it will go for the concern manager
Expense Management - Manually expense and automatic expense – according to standard fair chart expense , will held

1 web panel based admin portion

1. Interactive Dashboard with all navigation and graphics of the reports
2. Admin can add products
3. Admin can add retailers
4. Admin can add distributor
5. Admin can add field executive and create his/her login credentials
6. Admin can create marketing executive designation wise like Regional Manager, Sales Manager and Sales executive. According to that options will display to the users
7. Sales Users Management – Admin can provide route users wise, distributor list , retailer list , can track attendance , can track today tasks, can track total order , can track admin forms for the leaves , tour plan and expenses .
8. Admin can add stock
9. Admin can add orders
10. Ready stock Sales and Invoicing
11. Admin can add collection and edit customer ledger
12. Inventory management at the warehouse and distributor
13. Target/calls /visit creation for the salesman
14. Salesman report submission - both online and offline sales , primary /secondary order booking , Target v/s achievements submission
15. MIS Reports
Sales Reports – Salesman call tracking, location finder
Target fixation – target v/s achievement, view, target v/s sales
Field Force Analysis
Retail Analysis - customer wise sales analyses , product wise sales analysis, employee wise order details
Activity Reports –Attendance Report, Retails visit status, secondary order, primary order
Performance Reports – SKU Analysis, Distributor performance, and product cart analysis, new outlet sales reports

Sub Total INR40,000.00
GST INR7,200.00
Total Due INR47,200.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank