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Invoice Number INV-1124
Invoice Date September 2, 2020
Total Due INR9,550.00
c2h club


Dear sir,

Kindly find your requirements points , if we are missing some points then please let us inform we will be updated it.

  •  Admin panel and user panel development
  • Member can refer another member through the link, if another member register his/her self then bydefault sponser id will come . Without sponser no joining
  • Member registered , for active his/her id then he/she needs to transfer INR 500 or need to get10 EPINs of INR 50. If this inactive member transfer fund to active member then his/her wallet will credit with INR 500 and 10 pins will be transferred.
  • Active members will deal on the behalf of GH/PH - Get Help/ Pay Help .
  • If user wants to do help then he/she needs to click his/her INR50 pin then he/she will get another person whatsapp number with bank details/ google pay/ phone pay/ paytm details . If he/she pays then he/she needs to upload photo of amount transfer similarly persons who got the money will approve the received , if he/she doesn't approve then by default system will approve after 6 hours .
  • If user helps any one then he/she will get ques numbers to get help from two people . means paid help user will get twice help .
  • Same operations will run for every users , will be considered as zone
  • After every 9th help , every user needs to do help to the admin .
  • Apart form helping users will earn through the reference,  it will work dynamically like admin can set direct referral of any amount like INR 25  and can set level wise.
  • Through references and references help user will get amount in his/her wallet. This wallet amount user can use for purchase the pin .
  • Users will enter in the clusters . This clusters will also work dynamically , it can be changed by admin any time and its pattern also
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Web Version based helping MLM software

Free shared hosting with 20 GB hard disk
Free domain name
Free one year support
Since its mlm based software , it will be required vps hosting after shared hosting criteria crossed. VPS will be provided by client only
SMS Api will be provided by client only

Sub Total INR22,500.00
GST INR4,050.00
Paid -INR17,000.00
Total Due INR9,550.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank