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Core HR Modules


A recruitment module should provide a centralized and

streamlined process for creating job requisitions, customization of

job-specific questions, and an out-of-the-box recruiting portal. can

publish job postings to leading national and niche boards and

social media site with just a couple of clicks.


This key module eases new employees into our organization and

makes a good impression about our company. Many of the new

employee onboarding steps can be completed through workflows,

such as user accounts, badge access, training and more. this

module allows new hires to complete their onboarding paperwork

before creating a user profile. For new hires without a home

computer or smart device, mobile Mode offers another fast way to

get started.

Performance Management

The Performance Management module supports organizations in

recording their job descriptions, employee training and annual

reviews in one convenient location. This module automates the

performance review process, tracks personal goals and company

KPIs and as well as manages completed training and certification

programs. the Performance Management module also offers

robust reporting for compliance, real-time monitoring and 360-

degree feedback, also would care about the day to day task

management and tracking for all supervisors and managers on

different levels of authority.


Time & Attendance

Attendance tracking, manager approval access and time clock

management are the most common features of a time and

attendance module. this module incorporates tracks hours worked

via a secure, mobile app or web app and automatically syncs the

information to our payroll system. It also includes health screening

so your employees stay safe on the job.

Time Off Tracking

This is a key module to help automate how time off is allocated,

booked, approved and monitored for any type of absence in your

organization.  It allows us to easily approve or deny PTO

requests, view Time Off accruals, set accrual rules and more.

Learning Management

A learning management module allows HR to provide and track

training completions and certifications for compliance. Required

trainings, like sexual harassment, can be assigned and accessed

through the employee portal, 24/7.

This HR software system utilizes HR modules in HR

Management, Talent Management and Payroll Processing. With

built-in integrations to all modules, it can be scaled to meet our

company’s changing requirements. The platform can be had as

the full suite, or by individual module based on our client’s needs.

It can be integrated with ERP systems, insurance carriers, payroll

processors, business intelligence applications and much more.

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1 Laravel Based HR Management Software

Laravel based web based software

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