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Invoice Date November 16, 2023
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Pencrayo It Solutions



Admin Panel Features:

1. Dashboard:

  • Today's Booking Summary
  • Total Customers
  • Total Amount
  • Total Bookings
  • Graphical representation for quick insights

2. User Management:

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete operations on admin/user profiles
  • Assign individual roles (e.g., operator, admin, in-charge) with customizable access permissions

3. Role Permission Module:

  • Set role-based access permissions for each admin/user
  • Example: Define specific access levels for operators (e.g., read-only dashboard, room booking, customer list, update products, send Email or SMS)

4. Activity Monitoring:

  • View and track all user activities within the system

5. Communication:

  • Send individual or bulk SMS to users and customers

6. Reporting:

  • Generate and view detailed reports on bookings, purchases, and stock

7. Configuration Management:

  • Include room facilities, products, and product unit measurement terms

8. Room and Product Management:

  • Room settings and configurations
  • Product purchase management

9. Human Resource Management (HRM):

  • Effectively manage employees within the organization
  • Maximize employee performance aligned with business objectives

10. Accounts Module:

  • User-friendly module for creating and managing accounts reports and vouchers

11. Additional Modules:

  • Payment Settings
  • Room Reservation
  • Language Settings
  • Application Settings
  • Web Settings

12. Master Data Management:

  • Manage customer information
  • Units and product details

13. Room Listing Management:

  • Manage rooms with details such as price, images, and descriptions
  • Add/edit/delete room information

14. Multi-Hotel Management (Super Admin):

  • Ability to manage multiple hotels from a central Super Admin panel
  • Each hotel has its own set of configurations and data

15. Website Integration:

  • Display room listings with prices, images, and descriptions on the website
  • Real-time synchronization between the admin panel and the website

16. Website Content Management:

  • Manage website content, including text, images, and promotions
  • Update information about rooms, facilities, and services

17. Room Availability:

  • Check room availability for specific dates
  • Make bookings and reservations for customers

18. Multi-Hotel Access (Manager):

  • Access information related to the specific hotel they are responsible for

19. Website Interaction (Staff):

  • Limited access to view and update room availability on the website
  • Update descriptions and images for rooms

Additional Features for Super Admin (Central Management):

20. Centralized Booking System:

  • Overview of bookings and reservations across all hotels
  • Manage reservations centrally

21. Inter-Hotel Communication:

  • Communication platform for sharing information between hotels
  • Centralized reporting for all hotels

22. Global Settings:

  • Set global configurations affecting all hotels
  • Control access levels for individual hotels

23. Website Management:

  • Centralized control of the website content for all hotels
  • Uniform branding and styling across all hotel websites

Website Integration Features:

24. Online Booking:

  • Allow customers to book rooms online through the website
  • Real-time synchronization with the admin panel

25. Customer Reviews and Ratings:

  • Integration of customer reviews and ratings for rooms and services
  • Display reviews on the website

26. Restaurant Order Management:

  • Integration with the hotel's restaurant system
  • Allow guests to place orders for in-room dining
  • Monitor and manage restaurant orders centrally

27. Pool Bar Order Management:

  • Integration with the pool bar system
  • Enable guests to place orders for poolside services
  • Centralized monitoring of pool bar orders

28. Menu Management:

  • Manage and update the menu for both in-room dining and pool bar services
  • Include images, descriptions, and prices for menu items

29. Order Tracking:

  • Track the status of restaurant and pool bar orders in real-time
  • Update guests on the progress of their orders

Manager and Staff Panel Features:

30. Order Placement (Staff):

  • Staff members can take and input orders from guests
  • Specify delivery location (room or poolside)

31. Order Status Updates (Staff):

  • Staff can update the status of orders (e.g., preparing, on the way, delivered)
  • Communicate with kitchen and bar staff

32. Billing Integration:

  • Integrate restaurant and pool bar charges with the guest's overall bill
  • Provide a consolidated bill for guest convenience

33. Inventory Management:

  • Track inventory levels of food and beverages for both restaurant and pool bar
  • Automated alerts for low stock
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Laravel based web based application

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