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Invoice Date April 9, 2020
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Web Portal Development with following requirements

1. It will be a quiz based game application played in real time, compatible with both Web and Mobile devices. The quiz game can be played in two languages-English and Hindi.


2.When users visit the page, they see a login page with facebook and google links.


3.After the required permissions they enter their mobile Number linked with Paytm, Date of Birth, State from which they are playing.  At the bottom of the page there will be a checkbox- I agree to the terms of conditions and privacy policy.The game can be played only by users above 18 years of age as per Indian Law. Users from the State of Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland cannot play the game as per their respective State Laws.

Yeh log login nahikhelpayenge.


5.Next, a page shows up showing a timer when the game will start.       


6. The quiz game is played with Uknow Coins. Users will have to buy Uknow coins to play the game. Users win in terms of Uknow coins which they can redeem into Paytm Money anytime.  They will have a Uknow Wallet for that.


6A. The game will have 4 sub categories-. Game will be played only if number of users are more than 1. If only one user is there Timer will again repeat itself. By displaying a message that NOT Sufficient users.

1.     Game of 5 Uknow Coins having 3 questions per game.

2.     Game of 10 Uknow Coins having 4 questions per game.

3.     Game of 15 Uknow Coins having 4 questions per game.

4.     Game of 20 Uknow Coins having 5 questions per game.


In default mode only game of 5 Uknow Coin can be played rest will be locked. Only after the user plays 5 games of 5 Uknow coin will the next game of 10 Uknow coin will be unlocked. After 10 games of 10Uknow coin next game will be unlocked. After 15 games of 15 Uknow coin will next game of 20 uknow coin unlock.  When the user puts the cursor on the locked games a small message should be displayed showing ‘Play a minimum of 10 Games to Unlock this game etc.‘


6.This page will have a Join button. By clicking on this button they can join and by clicking again they can unjoin as well. When they join a particular game , the required Uknow coin will be deducted from their Uknow wallet. The choice of the game will be locked before 12 sec at the start of any game.



7.The page will show at the top right corner, the number of users currently logged in and have joined the game.



8.At the top left there will be a Menubar. The Menubar will have many options like About us, Uknow Coin, How to Play, Fair Play, Legality, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FAQs, Helpdesk,Feedback,Testimonials.


9. The game will run at fixed intervals of 3 minutes.


10. At the appointed time the game will start, and people who have joined the game will start playing. Other users will be shown the timer of when the next game will start.  They will not be able to see the questions of the current running game.


11.Also just before the start of every game, users should now how many coins have being staked. Eg . if number of users are 116 who play 5 uknow coin game then the game is of 116*5*.94 = 545 uknow coin game. Real value is 545.2  this is approximated.


12a. When the quiz starts, question appears with 3 options, with one correct answer. When users click on the right answer, the option turns green. When the user clicks on the wrong answer , it will will turn red along with the right answer which will be shown green.


12b. There will be three type of questions- Type1, Type2, Type3.  For the different games the questions picked would be as follows-


1.     5 Uknow Quiz-  3 questions- 1st question from type 1, 2nd question from type 2, 3rd question from type 3.

2.     10 Uknow Quiz- 4 questions- 1st question from type 1, 2nd question from type 2, 3rd question from type 3, 4th question from any of the types selected from the random algorithm.

3.     15 Uknow Quiz-4 questions- 1st question from type 1, 2nd question from type 2, 3rd question from type 3, 4th question from any of the types selected from the random algorithm.

4.     20 Uknow Quiz-5 questions- 1st question from type 1, 2nd question from type 2, 3rd question from type 3, 4th and 5th question from any of the types selected from the random algorithm.


12.The user will be given 12 seconds to answer each question. After the expiry of 12 seconds the correct answer should be displayed for at least 3 seconds so that users can memorize the answer as well.


13.LIkewise, the next question appears and the same process is followed


14.The program will pick questions from a file through a Random Number Generation process. Various RNG algorithim is available as open source. This is important so as to give a fair chance to every question and to avoid repeatability.


15.After the game ,winners are decided. All the questions must be answered correctly to win.If nobody answers any question correctly the game is cancelled and the original position of the users is restored. To the winners a congratulatory pop up window opens. This window will have Share links of facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram. Winners can also add emoji to express their emotions.This appears till 5 sec. After which a list of winners shows up.


16A-  Eg. If 100 users are playing a game of 5 Uknow Coins and there are 20 winners. Then 100*.88*5/20, that is 22 Uknow coins will be added to the Uknow wallet of the winners.



Formula is=

Uknow Coins earned by Winners= (No. of Users*.88*Uknow Game type)/No. of Winners of the game.


16* For the losers a pop up window appears showing the number of people who gave the correct answer.and then the list of winners



17.At the bottom there will be a window showing the option of Back to game.


18. Again the timer shows up. And back to Point 10.


19. There will also be a log out link at the top right. 


20.The quiz game will be synchronous and can be played across 2g, 3g, 4g devices as well, with even poor connectivity.


21A. Uknow Wallet will show the number of coins at any given moment. Users can buy Uknow coins. There will be 4 options. 20, 40,60,80 Uknow Coins. It will be redirected to the payment page.Uknow wallet will contain 20 Uknow coins by default. But user have to play a minimum of 5 games to cashout.


22.A* Also maximum 200 uknow coins can be redeemed by the user through Paytm API . If coins are more than 200 then transfer of money has to be done manually through admin panel. This will be done to minimize loss in the event of a hack of the system. Any other measure to prevent loss of data or money should be added if possible.


21B. Further user can any time convert their Uknow coins into Paytm Money. The option given will be to redeem. When they redeem , then Paytm API does the rest.


21. At the back end we will have all the data of the users. The data will show the personal details as well the number of games won and lost till date. All the transactional details of the user.


22. There will be one master database showing the name of the user, email id,mobile number, games played, won, lost, money won till date, coins bought…This will arranged in descending order.


23. To more details, we can also click on the profile to know all the detailed transactions, which would be arranged date wise on a yearly basis. It will show receipt number etc. The profile of the user will also contain the question attempted by the user, the answer marked and correct answer. This is important as some user can file complaint regarding wrong option etc so we must have a detailed back up data to counter any claim.


24. It will have a simple interface so that even a user in a remote village of India having a 3g phone and internet connectivity can play the game. All the pages will have a copy disable feature.


25. Any other feature so as to comply with Government Laws and regulations can be added.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Web Portal & Admin Portion Web Panel Based Development

Web Template Design
Web Portal Development
Admin portion Development
Payment Gateway Integration
Required system will take 60 working day for the completions
All third party API like payment gateway & sms gateway will be provided by client only.
We provide 50 gb free shared hosting space with it , but user and concurrent users increases with certain limit then client needs to provide VPS hosting

Sub Total INR40,000.00
GST INR7,200.00
Paid -INR23,500.00
Total Due INR23,700.00

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A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank