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Mobile App Features:

              Listing of items 


             Searching of items 


              Add to cart for purchase 


                 User Registration and Login:

•                     Allow users to register and log in using email or social media accounts.


                  Earn Money Tasks:

•                                       Offer various tasks or activities that users can 


              Complete to earn money, such as:

•                                       Purchase listed item.

•                                       This item will automatically listed for the sales on next day.

•                                       If other person will purchase this item then this person will get profit

•                                       If user own item couldn’t sell for many days then every day its rate will increase , if rates got double then its qualities become double .


                   Earnings Dashboard:

•                     Provide users with a dashboard that displays their earnings and transaction history.


                   Payout Options:

•                                       Enable users to get earning directly his/her account through UPI


                   Push Notifications:

•                     Send push notifications to users about new earning opportunities, promotions, and app updates.




                 User Support:

•                     Provide a support system where users can contact customer support for any issues or questions.




Admin Web Panel Features:

                     User Management:

•                     Manage user accounts, view profiles, and handle user-related issues.


                     Item Category  Management:

•                     Create, edit, and manage item category.


Item Sub Category  Management:

•                     Create, edit, and manage item  Sub category.


                     Item Price Management:

•                     Administer can put increasing price times with starting price ,it will be increased per day.


                     Manage app content, such as ads, videos, and surveys.


                     Analytics and Reports:

•                     Monitor user engagement, earnings, and other relevant metrics through analytics and generate reports.



                     Push Notifications:

•                     Send targeted push notifications to app users through the admin panel.



                     Rewards Management:

•                     Add, update, and remove rewards available for users to redeem.


                     User Support Management:

•                     Respond to user support queries and manage support tickets.


                     Fraud Prevention:

•                     Implement fraud prevention measures to detect and handle suspicious activities.


                     App Settings:

•                     Control app settings, such as reward conversion rates, minimum withdrawal thresholds, and referral rewards.


View an overview of user statistics, revenue, and app performance.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Android App Development

Wireframe from client side
Static Design
Database Design
Module Implementation
Completion of app

1 Wireframe development INR10,000.000.00%INR10,000.00
Sub Total INR100,000.00
GST INR18,000.00
Paid -INR80,000.00
Total Due INR38,000.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank