Head Office: 115, Navrang Plaza, Sapna Sangeeta Main Road, Tower Chouraha Indore(MP) – 452001, India


Contact Number: +91-7566663042/ 07314047162

Email Id:

Invoice Number INV-1043
Invoice Date January 20, 2020
Total Due INR106,200.00

Customer App :

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

Before getting started to use the application, the customers (sender and receiver) can view the key features and benefits of the app with onboarding screens

ccount Setup Panel

The customers can create their account by entering their name, contact details, area code, address and other details which can make the delivery agent to tracehem. They can also use their social media account to log in to the application.

Convenient Pickup - Delivery Scheduling

The customer can schedule the delivery and pickup time of the courier as per their own comfort. They can even change the timings if the receiver is not available at that time.

Cost Calculator

The customer can calculate the parcel and shipment charges automatically through the app.

Recipient's Information

The customer can add the receiver's details like their name, address and contact information. They can also add their neighbor's details if the receiver is not available to receive the parcel.



The customer can receive the real-time notifications regarding the delivery updates including estimated time duration of courier delivery.


Order Status With History

The customer can view the status of all previous parcel delivered or received, their bills, and status (processed or delivered). They are able to monitor every detail associated with their parcel delivery.

Multiple Address Options

he customers have an option to add multiple addresses for parcel delivery or parcel pickup in the address list and they can choose any of the address while placing the request for the delivery.


Digital Invoice Generating Tool

Customers can instantly get the digital copy of the parcel bill at their email id. All information like order id, shipment charges etc will be present in it.


Multiple Payment Processing Systems

Customers are facilitated with an app integrated with multiple payment gateways. They can pay for the service through online net banking, stripe, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, PayTm




Web Panel – Admin Portion


Multiple Courier Branches Management

Admin can manage the multiple courier delivery service branches under the single panel. They have the access to add or delete any branch in the listing.


Vendors and Staff Management

Admin can effortlessly edit the list of delivery agents or other staff members with unique employee id. All the records like their salary, payments, attendance are managed under a single platform.


Delivery Agent and Parcel Cost Management

Admin can easily view and modify the list of delivery agents. They can view the cost taken by each delivery agent from the customer while pickup and delivery.


Gallery Management

Admin can beautifully represent their services with the gallery filled with eye-catching relevant images. They can add or delete any of them anytime.


Customer Management

Admin can edit, view and manage the customer records. It helps them to ensure that customers are served in the best possible way.


Real-Time Notifications

Admin can send notifications to their past and current customers regarding the special events or discounts vouchers to retain their loyalty.



Admin can send alert to the customer to stay them updated with pickup and delivery time of the courier. It eliminates the waiting issues faced by the delivery agents.



App integrated analytical reports help the admin to monitor all the issues related to the business and make the further plan accordingly.


Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

Through courier delivery software, the admin can analyze its business growth in-depth. They can get the real-time statistics of revenue earned by courier delivery agents, daily parcels transacted etc.



Delivery Agent App


Delivery Status Updation Tool


The delivery agents will get the notifications on newly assigned parcel delivery order, which is to be delivered by them. They will update the status as processed and on delivering the order, the status will be changed as delivered.


Customer Location Tracking Tool

With the help of google maps and GPS, the delivery agent can easily track the live location of the sender and receiver and can find the way to the destination.

Parcel Exchange Service between delivery boys 


Profile Management

The delivery agents can set up their profile in courier delivery app just by filling their e-mail id, name, address and their contact information. They can provide their experience details and upload an image in the profile section.


Customer Feedback

Just like the customers, the delivery agents can rate and review the customers as per their experience. They can also give the feedback in the comment section.

Help and Support Panel

The delivery agents can submit any query or complaint in the help section if they face any problem during pickup or delivery time.


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android app for customer , deliver app and web panel admin portion

Total 45 working days required
Initially we provide shared hosting of 20 GB for one year freely

1 Native IPhone app for customer , deliver app and web panel admin portion

Total 65 working days required
Initially we provide shared hosting of 20 GB for one year freely

Sub Total INR90,000.00
GST INR16,200.00
Total Due INR106,200.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank