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Invoice Date March 28, 2020
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Special Features of ECommerce Based  reseller Mobile App

1. Easy registration
The registration process has to be simple and user-friendly. The registration through social media login is popular nowadays. This feature can be added to the registration process. Other options are through email id and mobile number. When logged in through the social media, the options to share any offers makes it a good advertising for the grocery delivery app.
2. Product listing
Yes, this is the basic of every grocery app development. But proper care is to be taken to segregate the digital products items into products and sub-products so that it is a seamless shopping experience for the users. All the products should have a rich description so that customers get valuable information from it.
3. Search
This core feature has to be powerful, yet simple. It has to offer convenience to the user to search items from the app. The reseller ecommerce app development has to add filters of varied kinds that will make it easy for operation so that the user reaches their preferred item search faster in the list.
4. Push notifications
Any customer has to be given constant updates about new offers or new products. Push notifications serve this purpose. The  mobile app development has to introduce this feature so that the clients remain faithful to their reseller app.
5. Reseller products
You might have seen this feature on many of the shopping sites. Here, based on the previous search preferences of the user, the reseller products list is displayed  When your ecommerce app development includes this feature, it will keep the users engaged as they get precisely what they require as per to resell all products with his/her own cost.

For reselling of products , users can share the products details on all social medias.
6. Online Purchase

At time on online add to cart or purchase brand will not display , only customer can transfer the amount , Can download the digital products.
7. Payment Options
The secure multiple payment options will include card payment, cash on delivery, or mobile wallet. This will make the purchase easy for them as per their convenience. Ask your grocery delivery app development company to integrate multiple payment gateways in your grocery app to enable the people to make payments as they wish.
8. Combination offers
When a user selects an item, the other items purchased by users in combination with the selected item are displayed. This combo offer will make the search easy for the user and it will give them an idea of what other items the shoppers have selected when purchasing the selected item. The product listing can also display offers on combination items wherein the shopper can save money.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development for the customer

Splash Screen
Dashboard Interactive
Products Listing and Searching
Sharing for resell option
Direct purchase option
Add to cart
Registration and Login
After purchase products can download
Order History
Total Earning
Redeem the amount
Contact to admin

1 Web Panel Admin Portion Development

Masters - Products add/update/delete
Users Management
Products Management
Order Management

Sub Total INR40,000.00
GST INR7,200.00
Total Due INR47,200.00

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