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Invoice Date September 17, 2020
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Dear Ma'am/Sir,

Kindly find your requirements below here

Mobile Application: -

·         User Registration with name and mobile OTP   and also login as guest without registration.

·         Set Location or automatic Current Location detection.

·          User can access all nearby Restaurant and their Menu.

·         When user go to particular restaurant, he will scan the  QR codeand after that its redirected to that restaurant Menu.

·         Or user can search anh restaurant and see that Menu.

·         There will be item name,  item description, item image and item price in the menu.

·         User also can see item category wise ( example:- starter, main course, bread, average, dessert etc.)


Restaurant Web login: -

·         Restaurant can login after getting user ID and password from Application Admin.

·         Restaurant can set or reset password by using mobile otp.

·         Restaurant can add their items in the menu in our given format.

·         Restaurant can add or remove any item any time.

·         Restaurant can add or remove images of their Item as well.

Admin web function: -

·         Admin can login and logout.

·         Admin can register all the information of the restaurant they want to register on the application,

·         Restaurant information need to register is :-  restaurant registration number ,  sopact number , shopact softcopy upload, food license number, restaurant name , restaurant address, restaurant mobile number.

·         After successful registration, it will generate login ID andQR Code of menu link  of the restaurant.

·         Admin can set the location of Restaurant by using coordinates (longitude and latitude) received by restaurant.

·         Admin can remove or deactivate listing of restaurant.

·         Admin can also access information of mobile application users,

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development

Native Android app development according to the above-mentioned requirements
SMS API(Bulk SMS) need to provide by the client only
In this package, we will provide 1-year free support and free shared hosting of 20 GB space.
Since its mobile app so that if traffic and data increase then the client needs to be provided VPS hosting in the future.

Sub Total INR20,000.00
GST INR3,600.00
Paid -INR15,000.00
Total Due INR8,600.00

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