Head Office: 115, Navrang Plaza, Sapna Sangeeta Main Road, Tower Chouraha Indore(MP) – 452001, India


Contact Number: +91-7566663042/ 07314047162

Email Id:

Invoice Number INV-1191
Invoice Date October 23, 2021
Total Due INR60,000.00

+91 91604 26250

Features in the user app:

1.     Home

2.     Search

3.     Premium membership ( 6 month / 1 year plan /per video cost / ad to cart, if outside the county show subscription price in their local currency )

4.     My list (watch list)

5.     More /setting (profile, account, download, contact us, help through chat within app by sending text or image)

6.     Category

7.     Promotion code and banners

8.     Payment gateway Upi / netbaking / card/wire transfer from other country

9.     Subscription auto renew /reminder

10.  Login through mobile no./gmail/ facebook/email id

11.  Video download and play within the app (data protection, no screen recording / shoot)

12.  Add to Wishlist

13.  Share the video to others, but other person must download the app, if it is free video than play it, otherwise ask for premium membership.

14.  Refer and earn Rs.**/ per premium subscription payment by other person.  And another person should get referral code of Rs. **/ during payment of premium membership, he can get the benefit of referral code amount.

15.  Money earns through referral code, on threshold basis should transfer to the person account / upi or bank or he can use the same amount for next renewal.

User(  Native Android App Based)

16. ØSplash Screen

17. ØLogin / Registration

18. ØDashboard to show videos category wise and Course Wise 

19. ØUser can click on category/Course / direct on video 

20. ØCourse total video will display with all details 

21. ØVideo title , description , sharing and play options will display 

22. ØUser can watch few video freely 

23. ØUser can purchase subscriptions 

24. ØUser can share the link of video 

25. ØUser can see his/her order history 

26. ØUser can not watch video outside of this app

27. ØChat with admin / staff

28. ØLogout option


Teacher Login

  •  Teacher can also login through the android app
  • Teacher can take live Classe and can upload his/her videos


Basic required features of the system

Ø  AdminLogin

Ø  UserLogin

Ø  Chat with admin

Ø  Payment Via App

Administrator Features

Ø  Interactive Dashboard

Ø  Dashboard will show total courses, total subscriptions 

Ø  Option for creating category of course

Ø  Users Management Module – block/unblock/ edit

Ø  Subscriptions Management Module – add/update/delete

Ø  Category management module – add/update/delete

Ø  Courses Management Module – add/update /delete category wise

Ø  Video – upload/delete/edit course wise  

Ø  Video Management – Video title, description, URL of location will uploaded

Ø  Chat with users

Ø  Push Notifications 

Ø  All kind of reports 

Analytics report: like country or state wise app download, free and paid membership, male, female download, live watch history, total watch history category or video wise.

All payment report and subscription report.

Video upload server with minimum 4k video play supported in high quality.

Promotion code banner management

Referral code management and payment to the users

Contact details of user / data management.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development with admin Portion and tutor portion Web Panel

Native android app development for customer and teacher
Web panel based admin portion development
Free one year shared hosting space of 20 GB with 100 GB Bandwidth
Free six months support
Total 45 days will be required to be developed

Sub Total INR95,000.00
Paid -INR35,000.00
Total Due INR60,000.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank