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Invoice Number INV-1142
Invoice Date December 14, 2020
Total Due INR247,800.00
BK Arogyam & Research Pvt. Ltd.

GST number :- NA
Phone number :- 9369100980

Dear Shivam sir,

Thank you for sharing the below requirements and here we are sharing you an updated quotation according to this requirments .




Backend work


❖   Admin Panel ->

Add Service Locations (Pin code Availability Check)

Add Service Types

Add Service Providers

Define Commission

Manage Logo

Setup Sub Admin (Unlimited)

Report- Root/ Products/ Order

(- All including Income Expenditure, Profit & Loss, Ledger Balance Sheet)

Show report as data analyze/ Graph etc

Setup Vendor (Unlimited)

Setup Product (Unlimited)

Setup category (Unlimited)

Setup Brand (Unlimited)

Coupon system

Manage Root/ Price/ Order etc.

Payment Remainder

Visitors Tracking Integration

SMS alert (where required)

Email alert (where required)

Management Tools and Advanced settings

Customer Management

Admin Commission and Tax settings


❖   Vendor panel ->

Vendor Dashboard

View Open Services

Accept Service Request

View Details and the location of Customer

Start work after reaching the customer place

End Service (May add extra services and price to the existing Service)

View Settlements

Setup Product (Unlimited)


Setup product to category (Unlimited)

Setup product to brand (Unlimited)

Customers with facilities to contact

Manage Seller

Manage Products

Manage Inventory

Products SEO

Manage Brand

Top Categories

Top Products

Hot Products

Email / SMS alert (where required)

Coupon system

Feedback system (Feedback will be deleting option if required)


❖   User Module/Customer Dashboard->

View all services for his location

Request the service

View assigned provider detail

Make payment after the service is completed

View all services taken

Give the Rating

Give Complain

Slide show

New offers

Daily Offers

Today's Deals

Recommend by you (Customer)

Search by products/ Color/ Review & Rating (*Star)/category/ Brand)

Price value/ Discount/ what’s new/Percentage wise etc.

Advance search bar

Search by Company Choice/ Top seller/ Certified by Company etc.

Upcoming Product

Advance booking option

Eligible for cash On Delivery

Availability (Include Out of Stock)

Add product to Cart

Customers Reviews (delete option should be available for Admin

Upcoming Product

Advance booking option

Eligible for cash On Delivery

Availability (Include Out of Stock)

Add product to Cart

Customers Reviews (delete option should be available for Admin

Sub Admin if required)


SMS/ Email alert (where required)

Product returns Policy (as per vendor policy)

Payment gateway including all digital e-wallet (Free of cost For all)

Coupon system

Wish list

Contact Vendor system

Bonus Points for each customer

AI+UI designing

Algorithm Creation

Graphics Design

After search Products, listing with respect to star rating should result with top brand basis


❖   Features for Web and App ->

Language English, Hindi

·         100% Responsive Android app with super-fast

·         Admin Panel Access (Fully

·         Social Media integration (Facebook/ Twitter/Tumbler/Reddit / Google/Instagram etc.)

·         Shopping Cart

·         Payment Gateway integration (Google pay, Paytm, phone pay, credit card, Debit card, UPI & BHIM app etc)

·         Order management

·         Registration/ Login ({Normal & social media} Facebook/email/Mobile Number)

·         My orders/ Track Order/ Tracking delivery

·         Old shopping history

·         Address book

·         Postal code shipping eligibility check

·         Delivery slot

·         SMS notification (with API)

·         Easy product Management

·         Report management

·         Banner Designing

·         Category images

·         Product images

·         All certified icons

·         Customer care & contact us

·         Cancellation / Refund

·         Wallet/ E-Wallet

·         Excel ({Import / Export} vendor list and or customer list separately)

·         Reports (As per Requirement)

·         Unlimited Categories /product section

·         Product Reviews & Rating

·         Shipping Charges (Automatically added with product price)

·         Responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop)

·         Discount Coupons Generate


❖   Easy product Management


❖   Report management

❖   Return module

a)                Raise a Return Request

b)                Amount should be returned in Wallet

❖   Banner Designing

❖   Category images

❖   Images

❖   All certified icons

❖   Customer care & contact us

❖   Excel (Import / Export)

❖   Delivery module (we need to interlink API with our Courier)

❖   Also we need to generate Learning management system PHP TO PYTHON

❖   Reports (As per Requirement)

1)                Sales register :- Daily, monthly, yearly

a.        Patient wise

b.        Advisor wise

c.        Franchisee wise

d.        Inventory wise

e.        Cancel return policy

2)                Purchase register :- Daily, monthly, yearly

a.        vendor wise

b.        item wise

c.          return

3)                GST report

:-                                  a. Interstate wise

b.                 Intrastate wise            sale/purchase both

c.                  Item wise

d.                 HSN wise

4)                Payment details :- Daily, monthly, yearly

a.        Cash

b.        Bank

c.        Due payment


5)             Inventory report :- item wise

HSN wise

Stock management system









·         Search Auto suggest

·         Pin code Availability Check

·         Filter product Options

·         Product Import/Export system

·         Packing slip/ Dispatch note

·         Best sellers

·         Gift Certificate

·         Google Analytics

·         News letter

·         Multi-currency

·         Add shipping address

·         Seller bank account info

·         Seller login/Register website


Extra Note:

We need e-commerce website in 3 separate login panels-



2. Admin Panel 2. Vendor Panel 3. Customer Panel

❖   We need Multi-vendor e-commerce Web & Application

❖   100% Responsive Website and Android Application

❖   Customize Design

❖   Admin Panel Access

❖   Product Wise Report + Country , State, City

❖   Social Media integration

❖   Scalable Infrastructure

❖   Payment Gateway integration

❖   Order management

❖   Login (Normal & social media)

❖   Registration

❖   My orders

❖   Advance search bar

❖   SMS notification



Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 eCommerce Multi Vendor based portal

Portal will content all front end and back end all operations mentioned above
The entire portal will be developed in react with django and postgress DB
It will be required 65 working days for the completions

1 Multi Level Marketing Web Based Software

All income planes will work, which is shared in the document
The entire software will be developed in react with django and postgress DB

1 eCommerce Based Mobile app development

The entire portal will be developed in react native
Android app development
iPhone app development
It will be required 70 working days for the completions

Sub Total INR210,000.00
GST INR37,800.00
Total Due INR247,800.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank