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Contact Number: +91-7566663042/ 07314047162

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Invoice Number INV-1002
Invoice Date October 2, 2019
Total Due INR18,500.00
Sun Shine It Company

Plot No.-10, Saraswati Nagar, Chainpura, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur (Raj.).


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1 Admin Activity: (web based)

a. As student
b. As Parents
c. As Teacher
d. registration edit/Delete
e. updates parents details.
f. Batch Assign to student
g. App download report with user id/pass
2. Batch creation
a. Time table
b. Batch Create , add student with parents
c. Announcement with SMS
d. Home work / Assignment – Export Feature (in pdf format/ doc).
e. Home Work / Assignment Add with attachment /delete/update
f. Batch Assign to student
3. Add Faculty
a. Add Faculty with complete basic information
b. Faculty edit/delete & Assign Batch
c. Add faculty /teacher / coordinator to batch & student
d. attendance mode complete
4. Payment
a. payment gateway integration with details.
b. Payment gateway integration for enrolment, online sale
c. payment details with all student
d. Sell and other payment details show
5. Enquiry management (Assign rights) (paid/unpaid/due)
a. Enquiry management (Access to Admin & institute)
b. Enquiry Show/delete/updates from admin side only
6. Online Test
A. test upload from app (in excel format - attachment upload) or manually type option (choose subject and type marks with submit option) (Including part: subj :phy/chem/math/eng/Hindi, marks add option, max. marks option, min marks option, rank, percentage show complete result)
b. Analysis: show complete result with marks, rank, percentage etc.
7. Video (Android app work) (library)
a. All Video show by location wise and institute wise and other
b. Delete video
c. Video selling process option and check video selling details
d. Star rating & Remarks section & view
e. Video show according to rating or view
8. Free structure:
A. fee structure design with course wise
b. fee structure create installment
9. Listing:- a. Listing coaching b. Edit coaching listing c. Delete coaching listing
10. Content (Study Materials)
a. Study Material upload Class Wise, Topic Wise(in pdf format) & manually typing with 4-5 option.
b. Study Material Edit/ delete Class Wise
c. no download, no screenshot (content restriction)
11. Community a. Student & Teachers on same platform b. Discussion forum for doubts or topic discussion Community : community is one of the part who has work like chatting group, example : we make one group and each person connect with this group (everyone is connect in this group like faculty,student,parents) when student ask question or doubt In this group then faculty can ans in this group … this group will work like community chatting with attachment

1 Sub Admin :- (Admin can assign this all facilities to sub admin) (privilege assign)

1. Registration Process
2. Batch Creation Process
3. Add Faculty Process
4. Payment mode for creation installation process
5. Enquiry option
6. Test Creation
7. Video Library
8. Study Materials
9. Community

1 Student Android App Activity:

1. login / Signup
2. online exam result show
3. Video library (with demo or payment mode)
4. Study materials
5. Test analysis of uploaded result
6. Announcement with msg
7. Assignment with msg
8. Own profile (show-batch, class, address, mob, alternative mobile, parents mobile no, location.)
9. Fee records (Remaining / paid )
10. All Video show by location wise and first video is always show demo video, student see demo if student purchase video then payout to company from app then they video folder will be show in app. (For Student click any folder then see demo videos only if student can purchase complete video package then firstly he will pay then after see all videos.)
Student : student will select location then show all video in app in video library then after each video show folder wise, when student
11. community / discussion forum
12. payment mode for fee deposit

1 Parent’s Android app Activity:-

This will be same to student android app activities

1 Faculty Android app Activity:-

1. Login/signup
2. Check student marks
3. Assign Assignment to student
4. Assign announcement to student
5. Check student details (show-batch, class, address, mob-Edit/delete)
6. Attendance option
7. Result upload option or manually typing option
8. Payment option for taking amount from student

1 Admin Android app Activity: -

Admin web application features assign into android app

Sub Total INR55,000.00
Paid -INR36,500.00
Total Due INR18,500.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank