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Invoice Number INV-1391
Invoice Date June 25, 2024
Total Due $1,600.00
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Customer Android App Features:

  1. User Registration and Login:
    • Sign up with email, phone number, or social media.
    • Login with credentials.
    • Forgot password option.
  2. Booking a Ride:
    • Enter pickup location.
    • Enter destination.
    • View estimated fare.
    • Choose payment method (online payment or cash).
  3. Ride Details:
    • View assigned driver details (name, vehicle, contact).
    • Estimated time of arrival (ETA).
    • Track driver in real-time on map.
  4. Booking Confirmation:
    • Booking confirmation with OTP for ride start.
    • Ride details summary.
  5. Ride Start and End:
    • Enter OTP provided by the driver to start the ride.
    • View live ride status.
    • View fare summary at the end of the ride.
  6. Payment:
    • Option to pay online.
    • Option to pay cash to the driver.
  7. Ride History:
    • View past rides with details (date, time, fare).
  8. Rating and Feedback:
    • Rate the driver.
    • Provide feedback.
  9. Profile Management:
    • Update personal details.
    • View payment history.

Driver  Android App Features:

  1. Driver Registration and Login:
    • Sign up with necessary documents and vehicle details.
    • Login with credentials.
  2. Ride Notifications:
    • Receive ride requests.
    • Accept or reject ride requests.
  3. Ride Start:
    • View ride details (pickup, destination, customer).
    • Enter OTP provided by the customer to start the ride.
  4. Ride Navigation:
    • Integrated map for navigation.
    • Real-time traffic updates.
  5. Ride End:
    • Mark ride as completed.
    • View fare details.
  6. Earnings Dashboard:
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly earnings.
    • Number of rides completed.
  7. Ride History:
    • View past rides with details (date, time, fare).
  8. Profile Management:
    • Update personal and vehicle details.

Admin Web Panel Features:

  1. Dashboard:
    • Overview of daily rides.
    • Total drivers.
    • Total earnings.
    • Real-time stats and reports.
  2. Driver Management:
    • Add, edit, and remove drivers.
    • Verify driver documents.
    • Monitor driver performance.
  3. Vehicle Management:
    • Add, edit, and remove vehicles.
    • Assign vehicles to drivers.
  4. Source to Destination Management:
    • Manage source and destination locations.
    • Set fixed rates for routes.
  5. Booking Management:
    • View all bookings (current, completed, and cancelled).
    • Monitor ride status.
  6. Earnings Management:
    • View total earnings.
    • Generate financial reports.
    • Payment settlements with drivers.
  7. Customer Support:
    • Manage customer queries and complaints.
    • Provide support through chat or email.
  8. Notifications:
    • Send notifications to drivers and customers.
    • Promotional offers and updates.
  9. Analytics and Reporting:
    • Detailed reports on rides, earnings, drivers, and customers.
    • Performance analytics.
  10. User Management:
    • Manage admin and sub-admin roles.
    • Set permissions for various admin tasks

Taxi app

Payment Milestones will be as follows :

1. US $ 600 Advance Payment: Confirmation of requirement document, static screens  design completion of customer , driver and web panel based admin .

2. US $ 500- Admin portion completion

3.  US $ 500- Customer app functionalities completion and all API development completions

4. US $ 400-Completion of Driver App

5. US $200  After production

Note: The client needs to provide all third-party APIs such as the payment gateway, SMS gateway, and Google Maps.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Taxi Mobile app development

Technologies : laravel and react native
Estimated time : 60 working days

Sub Total $2,200.00
GST $0.00
Paid -$600.00
Total Due $1,600.00