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Invoice Date September 11, 2023
Total Due US$3,500.00
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Mobile App(Android/Iphone/Web Version) - User:

  • *  Truck Listing: Users can list their trucks available for loading.
  • *  Load Requirements: Users can post their loading requirements.
  • *  Free Listings: Both truck listings and load requirements will be displayed on the dashboard for free.

* Contact & WhatsApp: Users can contact each other via messaging and WhatsApp directly from the app.
* Premium Users: Offer a premium subscription that provides additional benefits.
* Truck Tracking (Premium): Premium users can track their listed trucks in real-time.

  • *  Notifications: Users receive notifications for new listings and messages.
  • *  Profile Management: Users can manage their profiles, including contact information and preferences.

* Profile Approvement : After the user registration , profile will be approved provide for upload of information and verification before being active. Verification includes details and payment.
* Payment platform will include bank transfers, direct debit, Mpesa and Crypro currency.

Web Admin Panel:

Dashboard: Overview of all truck listings, load requirements, and user activity.

* Listings Management: Ability to moderate and manage truck listings and load requirements.
* Premium Subscription Management: Admin can manage premium users and their subscriptions.

* Communication Control: Tools to monitor and moderate user interactions.
* User Analytics: Insights into user engagement, popular listings, and interactions.
* Payment Management: If handling premium subscriptions, a system to manage payments. It will work dynamically like Accounts setups; Free but Premium upgrade at $10 individuals and $50 for Limited Companies.

  • *  Support & Help: Provide assistance to users and resolve disputes if any.
  • *  Reporting & Analytics: Generate reports on app usage, user behavior, and performance metrics.

* App Settings: Manage app-wide settings, such as notification preferences and communication options.
* A few CRM Functions: Admin can give custom messages to the users , all analytics will show, reports of collections and orders will show .

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Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Transport Mobile app and Web version

Android app , Iphone App and Web Version for End Users
Web Panel Based Admin
3 months free support

Sub Total US$3,500.00
GST US$0.00
Total Due US$3,500.00

Company Account Name: InfoCentroid Software Solutions
A/C NUMBER: 201003848051
Bank:- Indusind bank