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Quote Date September 1, 2020
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Sunny Tiwari

1,bapu nagar mandsaur


Mr.Handyman App Basic Requirements:-


By Room :-



    ATTIC Stairs & ATTIC installation ATTIC Insulation

    Mold Prevention

    Structural Integrity

    Vent Cleaning & ATTIC Fan installation



    Bathroom Remodel & renovation

    Bathroom fan installation & repair


    Drywall repairs & Finishing

    Light fixture installation & repair

    Minor Plumbing leaks

    Shower Door installation & repair

    Shower Head servicing

    Toilet repair & installation

    Tile installation & repairs

    Vanity & Bathroom mirror installation

    Shower pan installation



    Bunk bed & Bed frame assembly

    Closet Door installation

    Drywall repairs & finishing

    Light fixture installation & repair

    Custom shelving & bookcases




    Basement remodel & renovation

    Custom shelving & bookcases

    Entertainment center assembly

    Sump pump replacement

    Handrail & Stairs installation

    TV wall mount

    Water heater insulation


    Deck & Patio

    Deck & patio repair

    Deck & patio construction

    Deck staining, Painting & finishing

    Power washing services



    Exhaust & ventilation fan installation

    Garage door opener installation

    Garage door weather stripping

    Garage floor coating

    Garage organization & storage

    Light fixture installation & repair

    Handrail & stairs installation



    Desk assembly

    Picture Hanging

    Shelving & Bookcase installation

    Wainscoting installation & repair



    Kitchen backsplash installation

    Cabinet installation & repair

    Countertop Installation & repair

    Custom Kitchen islands

    Faucet Repair & installation

    Tile installation & Repairs

    Light Fixture installation & repair

    Kitchen Remodel & Renovation

    Sink installation & Repair


    Living & Dining Room

    Baby proofing

    Crown moulding installation & repair

    Custom shelving & Bookcases

    Furniture assembly

    Picture hanging

    Mantel Installation

    Wainscoting installation & repair



By Area :-



    Ceiling fan installation & repair

    Ceiling repair

    Light fixture installation & repair

    Popcorn ceiling & texturing


    Door Service

    Door installation & repair

    Pet Door Installation

    Door Painting

    Automatic door closer installation

    Shower door installation & repair

    Sliding door installation & repair

    Patio door installation & repair

    Screen door installation & repair

    Barn door installation & repair

    Pocket door installation & repair



    Fence Installation

    Gutter cleaning & gutter repair

    Power washing services

    Soffit, Fascia & Siding repair

    Holiday lighting & decorations

    Inclement weather preparedness

    Snow removal

    Stucco repair

    Awning Installation



    Tile installation & repairs

    Laminate floor installation & repairs

    Wood floor installation & repairs

    Vinyl flooring installation & repair


    Drywall / Walls

    Drywall repair & Finishing

    Crown molding installation & repair

    Custom shelving & Bookcases

    Crown molding & Trim Painting

    Picture Hanging

    Wainscoting installation & repair

    Drywall installation service



    Hanging Blinds, Curtains & Drapes


    Windows Frame Repair

    Windows Installation & repair

    Windows shutter Installation

    Windows Repairs


By Service :-



    Bed Frame Assembly

    Booking Assembly

    Cabinet assembly

    Desk Assembly

    Desk Furniture Assembly

    Desk Assembly

    Entertainment Center Assembly

    Fence Assembly

    Grill Assembly

    IKEATM Furniture Assembly

    Shelving Unit Assembly

    Sofa Assembly

    Storage Pack Assembly

    Furniture Assembly

    Futon Assembly

    Bike Assembly

    Table Assembly



    Crown molding installation & repair

    Custom Shelving & Bookcases

    Custom Cabinet & Mantels




    By Location ( Area)



    Baby Proofing

    Countertop Installation & repair

    Crown Molding Installation

    Door Installation

    Toilet Installation

    Faucet & showerhead Installation

    Flooring Installation

    Gutter Guard Installation

    Handel & Stairs Installation

    Lighting & Electrical Fixture installation

    TV wall Mount

    Cabinet Installation & repair

    Blackboard Installation

    Basketball Hoop Installation

    Energy Efficiency / Credits

    Window Installation & repair

    Awning Installation

    Shelving Installation



    ATTIC Maintenance

    Bathroom Maintenance

    Garage maintenance

    Kitchen Maintenance

    Outdoor home Maintenance

    Power Washing service

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Fire & Flood Protection



    Crown Molding & Trim Painting

    Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing

    Door Painting

    Furniture Painting & Staining



    By Location ( Area )



    Basement Remodel & Renovation

    Bathroom remodel & Renovation

    Kitchen remote & renovation

    All Other remodels



    Bathroom Repair

    Ceiling Fan Repair

    Countertop  repair

    Deck & Patio Repair

    Door Repair

    Drywall Repair

    Electrical Repair

    Faucet Repair

    Flooring repair

    Furniture Repair

    Garage Door Repair

    Grout Repair

    Gutter Repair

    Handrail repair

    Kitchen Repair

    Light Fixture Repair

    Patio Repair

    Plumbing Repair

    Screen Door Repair

    Shower Head Repair

    Shower Head repair

    Sink repair

    Steps Repair

    Tile repair

    Toilet repair

    Windows Frame Repair

    Windows repair

    Windows Screen Repair



    Safety & Mobility / Aging in place

     Installation of guard and hand rails

     Assembly of more suitable furniture

     Widening of the doorways

     Raising of the toilet seats

     Installation of grab bars

     Installing brand new shower heads

     Enhancing the lighting fixtures

     Replacing cabinet and door handles

     Moving light switches and electrical plugs



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1 Native Android and Native Iphone App Development

First we will develop native android app, once its perfect then we will develop native iphone app.
Backend and webpanel based admin will be common for both.

Sub Total INR130,000.00
GST INR23,400.00
Total INR153,400.00

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