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Quote Date July 4, 2020
Total INR54,988.00
SDGECT, Harihar


Kindly find features of your app

Native Android App Functionalities

1.login with normal login /google/facebook/guest

2.signup with normal/google/facebook

3. home screen then click play course open course namelist

4. then open course sub category click video list open

5. video list video click then open video

6. video complete then quiz test play

7. test done then score screen show

8. certificate option show 80% above

9. then click certificate download

10. video one by one play but complete video then next video play if you videolist

click video play then warning show (previous video see after play this video)

11. home screen in feture video list show and resume video list show

12. favorite video list show option in home screen

13. profile update and see etc.

14. Live Classes - Through the third party api

15. White Board Api Integration

Admin Portion Web Panel Based :

  1. Interactive Dashboard
  2. Users Management
  3. Language Management Option
  4. Category Management - Main Category/Sub Category/Category Order
  5. Home Page Management -Banner and Trending Titles
  6. Video Management - Add Video/ Order of Video
  7. Questions Management - Add Questions / Copy Questions /Total Questions
  8. Questions Report Management
  9. Test Management
  10.  Import Questions Options
  11. Users Account and Rights Management
  12. Settings Management
  13. Live classes Setting
  14. White Board Setting
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development

Native Android app development
Webpanel development
All third part API integration like live video streaming server, payment gateway, White Board API, API for the live classes( but this api client needs to provide us, we take only integration charges)
20GB shared hosting freely provided by us
But users or concurrent users or data increases with certain limit then client needs to use VPS hosting . This hosting server also client needs to take .

Sub Total INR46,600.00
GST INR8,388.00
Total INR54,988.00

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