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Tilak Chowdhury (Neel)

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Dear Neel sir,


Here are brief about roles and scope

Actor in the system:

 Actor 1 – Doctors.

 Actor 2 – Pharmacy

 Actor 3 – Diagonstics

Actor 4-  end user

Actor 5-  Admin

A) DOCTORS:-  What can doctors do here 

·         Search a doctor based on speciality, different clinics, and hospitals

·         Can see patients list

·         Can give them an appointment

·         View medical report

·         Book  an appointment

·         Test at diagnostic centre

·         Read Articles

·         Can chat and video call

·         Can give checkup receipts

·         order history

·         update profile

B) Pharmacy:-  What can pharmacy do here

·         add to medicine

·          medicine add, update, delete

·         Browse and check availability based on Prescription/need

·         Consultation desk to consult with Doctor (Phone call or Chat)

·         Exhaustive information about medicine by experts

·         Online order, online payment and delivery of medicine

·         price add, update, delete,

·          Can deliver the drug

·         order history

·         update profile

C) Diagonstic:- What can Diagonstic do here

·         Book for test

·         Can see the details of the test

·         Can go to home for investigation

·         Sample collection

·         Upload Test Result online

·         Home Delivery of Test Result

·         online payment

·         update profile


Diagnostics Centre Registration

·         Add/modify delete new centre

·         Access the testing facilities

D)  End user:- What can &User do here

·         Chat with a doctor

·         Order Medicines

·         View medical records

·         Book test

·         Read articles

·         For healthcare provider

·         Guest user website and mobile app pages will content so many things which will be placed by admin only. Like below

  Consult:- Counseling can inform the patient about any disease here.



25+ Specialities


·         Gynaecology

·         Sexology

·         General physician

·         Dermatology

·         Psychiatry

·         Stomach and digestion

·         Pediatrics

·         Kidney and urine

Common Health Concerns


·         Cough & cold ?

·         Period Problems?

·         Performance issues in bad?

·         Skin problems?

·         Depression or anxiety?

·         Want to lose weight?

·         Stomach issues?

·         Vaginal infections?

·         Sick kids?

A) end user online counseling

Ø  patients can get the benefit of online counseling

Ø  7days online consultation

Ø  Book appointment with available doctor

Ø  Online Payment

Ø  Online prescription

Ø  Experience Online doctor consultations


 1) Health condition Can know health condition


·         SKIN CARE



·         PAIN RELIEF

·         HEART HEALTH

·         COUGH & COLD



1.   Categories

·         BABY CARE


·         FAMILY CARE


·         WOMWN'S CARE




2.   Popular Products

·         SHELCAL 500G TABLET 15'S


·         ANTOXID HD Capsule 30's

·         KERABOOST Tablet 10's

·         NORMOZ Tablet 10

·         PREGA NEWS CARD 1'S

·         EMOLENE CREAM 100GM



·         CALCIMAX FORTE Tablet 30's










E) Admin:- What can Admin do here

Ø  admin create doctor, Pharmacy, Diagonstics.

Ø  doctor, pharmacy,  diagonstics  update ,delete, block.

Ø  add product

Ø  manage account

Ø  transfer payment

Ø  payment history

Ø  order history

Ø  user history

Ø  our doctors

Ø  add offers

Ø  update profile

Practice Management Software for the Clinics & Hospitals

·         Entering and tracking patients

·         Recoding Patients Demographics

·         Schedule Appointments

·         Online Payment

·         Consultation

·         Post Consultation activities

·         Patient History with diagnosis, medication and Testing details

Creating Record book for patients

·         Separate system for keeping related record of the patient in a secured manner which can be accessed only by the Patient and consulting doctors

·         Upload all information

·         Access information by the patient only whenever required

·         Regular report of daily transaction and it's status

·         Doctors registration.



All third party API will be provided by the client only  like video chatting (Zoom call is freely API or client may for the paid API), SMS gateway , Payment gateway etc. 

Since its bigger app so that at the time of launching client needs to provide VPS hosting , If you take from us or we can suggest initially configurations are 

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Monthly Bandwidth 
  • 2 CPUs
  • 100 GB Web Space
  • Linux Centos 
  • CPanel 

If you take from us this configuration then we give on INR 3000 per month .

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android app for the end user (Patient )

Native Android app development for the end-user , he/she can be patient
Launching of app in the play store
Required 45 working days to be developed

1 Native IPhone app for the end user(Patient )

Native Android app development for the end-user , he/she can be patient
Launching of app in the app store
Required 45 working days to be developed

1 Web Version Development

Web-version based website development for the end-user (Patient)
Web panel-based doctor portion development
Web panel-based pharmacist portion development
Web panel-based Diagnostics portion development
Web panel-based admin portion development
Required 65 working days to be developed

Sub Total INR240,000.00
GST INR43,200.00
Total INR283,200.00

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