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Quote Number QUO-1056
Quote Date February 22, 2020
Total INR153,400.00


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Dear sir,

Kindly find quotation of your requirement , if we are missing something then please let us know we will be updated it.

User Panel 
Profile Verification
Add Personal Details
Add their requirmetn in our given formate-
Add discription-
Browse Products By Category
Add Image
Chat- In this section, A user can chat with other User 
My Account- In this section, a user can manage their account, order & billing. A User can change the settings like Privacy Setting, Notification settings, Account Deactivation or logout. A user can also go to Help and Support in case if the user needs any help for the application.
Browse other user profle Profile- Users  can browse other user profile and can check whether the another user is verified or not. 
Product rating/review- A user can rate their Experience with us.
Customer Support– Users can take support related to the services from the admin. 
Admin Panel 
Login– Admin can log in to manage the various things such as operations, products, users and more.
Dashboard– Dashboard should be user-friendly, and easy to use so that the admin can easily track the various activities running in the application. 
Customer Profile Verification– Admin can verify the profile of Users. It is very important for secure use of our App.
Manage Users– Admin can manage the User who post on our app,  as admin can add and reject the request of User
Cloud Storage Integration– Admin can manage a large amount of data over the cloud storage with ease.
CRM Integration– To handle the various operations, you need to implement this feature to increase efficiency and reduce the time & money.
Payment Gateway Integration– Admin can manage payment that would make by the User
Reporting and Analytics– On dashboard admin will be able to see analytic reports of ads posted on the app.
Push Notifications- Admin can send a notification to the users about the new Post added, Post Expired, offer and more. 
User Panel 
Profile Verification
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development
1 Native IPhone App Development
1 Web Panle - Admin Portion Development for both andriod & iphone INR15,000.000.00%INR15,000.00
Sub Total INR130,000.00
GST INR23,400.00
Total INR153,400.00

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