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Quote Date December 7, 2019
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Matrimonial - Wedding app - 1


Matrimony Mobile Application / Web Appilcation with Admin Panel

This app is for providing matrimonial services to users. In this app, a user creates account securely of his/her own or anyone relative to his/her. This app is best for matchmaking of couples and it is an online dating app. It also provides to shortlist profile and send an invitation to them.it also creates biodata and help to share this on other social media.

We have been committed to providing a safe and convenient experience of connecting people for over 2 years. Our strong privacy settings help you control how much information you want to share, who you want to share it with, and when you want to share it. Profiles of our members are quality-screened and their contact numbers are verified during registration. These family-friendly features make your online matrimonial search a secure and pleasant experience.

The amazingly fast interface of the app delivers the following benefits to you :

  • Easily create your profile and start receiving interest from other members
  • Find exactly the kind of people who you are looking for by personal information
  • View full profiles and photos of members and scroll to see next and previous profiles
  • Express Interest to people you like
  • Edit your profile and update your personal information
  • Search your Desired Partner Profile to specify the kind of person you are looking for
  • Get instant notifications about Interests and Accepts sent to you

You can also upgrade to premium membership to get the following features and benefits:

  1. See Phone, Email of people you like to contact them
  2. Send personalized messages


  • Perfect Matches
  • Just Join
  • Shortlisted
  • Profile Visitors
  • Send Interest
  • Received Interest
  • Live Chat with your Future Partner
  • Detailed Profile of His/Her
  • Admin Send Message to All Users by NewsLetter
  • Membership
  • Unique Design


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android Application Devleopoment

This app is already available, with ready to use condition, Still customization will take 7 working days

1 Web Panel Admin Portion Development

This panel is already available, with ready to use condition, Still customization will take 7 working days

1 Web Portal Development

We need 45 working days to be developed it.

Sub Total INR60,000.00
GST INR6,300.00
Total INR66,300.00

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