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Here i am sharing your final quotation for following details

Service provider

The proposed application is the Android/Iphone mobile application from where the users can book their required service. Different service providers of different category of service will be the member of this application and the user will book any service provider for their work.


The service provider will access this platform and pay for subscription amount to get the jobs here. Different subscription packages will consist different number of allowed jobs to get on this app. Once the number of jobs is completed, the service provider will need to buy/ renew the package for getting new jobs.


Once the user request for service provider in his area, the related service providers who has the working subscription package will be listed on the

user’s screen. The booking confirmation will be done once the amount is paid

online by the user OR can be cash on working location as well. After the work completion, both service provider and customer will give the

rating and comments to each other.


Third Party API in the system:

1.      Payment API

2.      SMS API

3.      Social Login API

Actor in the system:

1.       Actor 1 – User

2.       Actor 2 – The Service provider

3.       Actor 3 – Admin


Functional requirement of actor1 (User)

1.  Login & Register

      Login page

1.      E-mail id or mobile number

2.      Password


      Registration page

1.      Name

2.      E-mail id

3.      Mobile number

4.      Password

5.      Confirm password


      Recover password

1.      Verify through e-mail

2.      Verify through the mobile number




2.  Home


1.      Booking of slots by selecting date, time, location and the type of service user needed.

2.      Getting the service

3.      Delivery of service promised.


The home screen of application will have following functionalities:


1.  Option to select service date

2. Option to select service time

3. Option to select service type

4.Option to track service agent

5. Option to view service status

6.Option to view payment method

7. Option to view total charge for service


3.  Booking confirmation and status of booking screen

1.      Order id

2.      Order service date slot

3.      Order service time slot

4.      Order payment mode

5.      Oder service date slot

6.      Order service time slot

7.      Change service and service slots

8.      Order status


5.  Profile Page

1.    View and edit name

2.    View and mobile number

3.    View and edit email

4.    Change and recover password

5.    Logout


6.           Order history page

7.           Navigation drawer

1.      My profile

2.      My services

3.      My wallet

4.      Payment options

5.      My offers

6.      Contact us

7.      About us

8.      FAQ

9.      Rate application

10.  Share application



8.           Notification

9.           My service

10.    My wallet

1.      Add money

2.      Transactions history

3.      Help


11. Payment options

a.       Credit/debit card

b.      Net banking


12. My offer

13. Contact us

14. About us FAQ

Rate app Share app


Functional requirement of actor 2 (service agent)

1.  Splash screen

2. Login and registration

         Login page

1.      E-mail id or mobile number

2.      Password

3.      Login with Google

4.      Login with Facebook


         Registration page

1.      Name

2.      E-mail id

3.      Mobile number

4.      Password

5.      Confirm password

6.      Register with Google

7.      Register with Facebook


         Recover password

1.    Verify through e-mail

2.    Verify through the mobile number


3. Home screen

1.      Services completed

2.      Notification of the new service

3.      Update profile

4.      My Jobs

5.      A side navigation menu


4. Profile screen


1.      Personal details

2.      Company details

3.      Preference

5. Side navigation menu

1.      My profile

2.      My services

3.      Update preference

4.      Upcoming booking

5.      Today’s income

6.      Recent appointments

7.      All appointments

8.      Contact us

9.      About us

10.  FAQ

11.  Logout



Functional requirement for actor 3 (admin)

1.  Splash screen

2. Login

      Login page

1.      E-mail id or mobile number

2.      Password


      Recover password


3. Dashboard


1.      New user registration

2.      New service agent registration

3.      Existing user

4.      Existing service agent

5.      Total revenue generated

6.      Total service completed by the service agent

7.      Total service completed

8.      Total application installs



1.      Manage the existing user

2.      Manage the new user

3.      Mage new service agent

4.      Mange existing service agent

5.      Mange jobs posting

6.      Mange digital marketing

7.      Assign service to service agents

8.      Track service agent's location

9.      Mange profit share to the service agent

10.  Mange sub-admin

11.  Mange social media


3.      Customer support

4.      Sub-Admin creation

5.       Settings

1.      profile management

a.       View and edit profile

b.      Change password

2.      Logout

Client  Scope :

All third party API availability and domain name/server (*Shared hosting we will provide freely)

If users or concurrent users increase with certain limit than VPS Hosting client needs to provide atleast

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App for customer , Web panel for admin and vendors
1 Native IPhone App for customer , Web panel for admin and vendors INR65,000.000.00%INR65,000.00
Sub Total INR110,000.00
GST INR19,800.00
Total INR129,800.00

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