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Quote Number QUO-1148
Quote Date May 9, 2022
Total INR177,000.00
PR Technology

101,om Sai Building Goma Gally Versova andheri west 400061

GST Number: 27AVNPB8248F1ZE

Application Basics

Develop a mobile/Web to track agents, sales employee, agents & sales employee areawise, geo location tracking of sales employee.

Create Product Catalog/ Product Brochure in seven languages and this will be used by Agent and Sales Employee to show the catalog to the customer

Build the hierarchy for sales employee

 Country Head, State Head, Vertical Head ( Corporate, 3 PL,  , Zonal Head, Sales Area, Assistant, Agent.


·      Enter and Maintain login details

·      Capture employee, agent, manager details based on the employee sales location

·      Maintain Hierarch

·      Employee as Sales Analyst and Other roles ( no analysis needed will be done through main app )

·      Create Product Catalog// Product Brochure in Seven( sixteen will get added on regular basis ) Languages

·      Should be able to login to App/Web ( to be discussed with Shreyas )

·      Should be able to log his/her call details in the system

·      Sales Team should be able to show product catalog to customers ( NA )

·      Separate screen needs to be developers in case of call to party but no interest shown

·      when the warehouse in sold, leased or registration we should be aware about this through APP ( Entry and than Report )

·      Completed Geo Tracking of Agents and Sales Employees

·      Share my Voyage as sent my Sales Agent will give complete tracking history which all locations has he visited today.  

·      Sales manager should be able to update information of sale agent at day end to know the exact info about the sales activities



Sales Report

1) Sales based on country state, vertical, zonal, area.

2) Should be shown at agent level at wheel daily. Weekly, monthly, activities.

3) Login details, call log details report needs to be developed

4) Sales Agent Geo Tracking report as possible



·      Country wise sales (register, leased, and sold)

·      State wise sales (registered, leased, Sold)

·      Zone wise, Vertical wise, area wise sales details. 

·      Call log, Login details dashboard area wise, vertical wise, zone wise

·      Geo tracking wise information details on dashboard 






Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Mobile App and web site development

React Native Based Android and Iphone app
Laravel based backend for the admin portion
Total 75 working days required for the completions
6 months free support
All third party api and server needs to provide by client only

Sub Total INR150,000.00
GST INR27,000.00
Total INR177,000.00

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