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Quote Number QUO-1106
Quote Date January 2, 2021
Total INR76,700.00
Sahil Group


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Dear sir,

Kindly find basic features of the app

Admin login

Admin can manage his her profile

Admin can add category and also delete and update it

Admin can add dub category and also update and delete it

Admin can watch user list

Admin can watch payment history

Admin can add video respet category and sub category also update delete

Admin can create package

Admin can add video price and detail and whenever change according to his need

Smart search


Android user App

Splash screen

Login , registration

Profile manage

User can watch business category

User can watch detail if video and after that he can purchase it

After purchase user can watch video

User can give comment and rate review on purchase video

User can add to bookmark video

Video will play in app

User can watch payment history and purchased video history

User can search topic wise video

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development with admin Portion Web Panel

Native Android App Development
Web panel-based admin portion development
All thrid party will be provided by client only - Video streaming server, SMS Gateway Api, Payment gateway API etc.

Sub Total INR65,000.00
GST INR11,700.00
Total INR76,700.00

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