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Quote Number QUO-1138
Quote Date February 7, 2022
Total INR106,200.00

Dear abhay sir,

Here we are giving your smo proposal , we will work on following behalf of verticles

1) Developing a Strategy

We will follow demographical your target audiences behaviour with current niche .

2) Defining Your Results

If you are looking for more followers, fans, shares, comments and likes), focus on creating content people want to share. People share things they feel will either amuse their friends or make them appear “in the know.” Share a mix of both. We must start with these type of content , we will focus in these four platforms 

A. Instagram - initial 6 months we can achieve 2000 followers minimum organic

B. Facebook - initial 6 months we can achieve 1000 likes minimum organic

C. Twitter - initial 6 months we can achieve 500 followers minimum organic

D. Linkedind - initial 6 months we can achieve 500 followers minimum organic

3) Determine What Your Audience Wants

Its very important that what audience want, product demands with way presentation. Suppose your product may like by ice-cream manufactures but not bar's owners .

4) Your Level of Commitment

When you decided to become a social business, did you jump in feet first, or did you just test the waters with the tip of your toe? Making a commitment to social by sharing your social links everywhere (email, print, website), commenting on or sharing updates to your personal accounts, and incentivizing your employees to do so will give you a huge head-start over the business working with the “just trying to find out if this will work” attitude.

5) Consistency 

We will do regular post of creative edits and content .  These regularities will get good results .



Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
6 Social Media Optimisation

Monthly 15 creative graphics - info graphics creation
Edit and optimised videos provided by client
Content optimisation
Monthly 12 posts on linkedin, Facebook , twitter and Instagram
Reels ,Videos submission
Weekly status submission

6 Paid Campaign

Branding Images 4X3 weekly
Daily INR 300 investment

Sub Total INR90,000.00
GST INR16,200.00
Total INR106,200.00

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