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Dear Uday sir,

According to your these below requirements , we are sharing quotaion.


We intend to implement the same using information technology and automate the procedure. We have planned

the following features regarding the same:-


 Admin (Desktop based application)

In-house administrative panel that will allow us to:

 Manage Users – View / Add / Update / Delete / Activate / De-Activate

 Vendors – View / Add / Update / Delete / Activate / De-Activate

 Bookings – Add / Update / Cancel /View

 Offers – Add / Update / Cancel /View / Run / Pause / Stop

 Billing – Add / Update / Cancel / View

 Payments

 Settings

 Reports

 Etc


 Vendor Admin (Smartphone / Desktop based application)

Individual Vendors / Car Owners Admin Panel that will allow them to do the following:

 Vendor Register & Login

 Manage Cars – add car with their respective types/details/ no. of passengers can travel/pictures/etc

 Manage Drivers – add driver with their respective profile/picture/driving license/address/phone number/etc

 Manage Bookings – Accept booking/Quote Price /Cancel Booking/Monitor/Change Car allotted/etc

 Billing – View Bill / Raise Billing Support Ticket / Transfer money to Bank account

 Etc


 User/Passenger Android Phone App

Individual Customer App used on Smartphones that will allow them to do the following:

 Register / Login / Logout / De-Activate

 Enquire for cars available within a range (e.g. 5kms) from pickup location

 View and choose the interested cars as per enquiry


 Confirm arrival of car on booked date and time

 Confirm completion of trip

 Notify in case of any trouble / Emergency

 Cancel a booking

 Send valuable feedback & rating

 Load and unload wallet money from Bank account

 Call Driver / Administrator


 Driver Android Phone App

Individual driver App used on Smartphones that will allow them to do the following:

 Navigate to pickup and destination

 Confirm pickup

 Confirm completion of trip

 Notify in case of any emergency / trouble

 Send valuable feedback and rating

 Call up customer / vendor whenever required.


Process Flow:-

1) Vendors’ Register

2) Admin Approves Vendor and Status converted to Active

3) Vendor registers Car(s) with documents upload.

4) Admin Approves Car registration

5) Vendor Registers Driver(s) with documents upload.

6) Admin Approves Driver(s).

7) Customer Registers using OAuth – Social Media Ids or Phone Number

8) Customer Self Authenticates using OTP

9) Customer Uploads KYC for activation

10) Admin Activates Customer

11) Customer Loads Wallet Money from Bank.

12) Customer Enquires and Provides Trip information like Date of travel, number of travellers, category of car

(Economic / Luxury / Premium), Pickup Location, One-Way/Round trip, Destination, return date, etc.

13) All suitable vendors within specified range from pick up location are intimated via push notification or SMS or


14) Interested Vendors respond to the same by selecting car and price within 4 minutes.

15) Customer receives a list of cars with picture, model, make and price. In case no car is available, customer is

informed the same and asked if he/she desires to search from a further distance. If yes, process is repeated

from point 13.

16) Customer chooses his/her preferred quotation from the list.

17) Vendor receives proposal of interest.

18) Vendor chooses to confirm in 2 mins or else customer is informed and is allowed to choose from the rest and

process from point 16 is repeated.

19) Vendor confirms and deal is locked. Customer is provided with vehicle details, Vendor is provided with booking

details and 125% of the booking amount is escrowed from customer’s wallet.


20) On the day of duty, customer is informed about driver contact details at least 12 hours before commencement

of duty. Vendor should assign a driver by that time or else first available driver from vendor’s account is allotted

by the system. Driver is intimated about the duty via SMS and push notification.

21) Customer will be notified by Text Message once car reaches the pickup location. Customer will also receive an

OTP on App at that point of time.

22) Customer confirms pickup with OTP once boarded the car.

23) Driver confirms tour completion at the end of the trip.

24) Amount escrowed is returned to customer’s wallet and actual bill amount is deducted from customer’s wallet

and added to Administrator Wallet. Vendor’s bill is deducted from administrator wallet and added to Vendor’s

wallet after deducting the organisation’s commission.

25) Customer receives feedback intimation; driver also receives feedback intimation.

26) In case of any deviation in the process of emergency, system will alert Administrator and Vendor about the


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Native Android App Development

Admin/owner will be web panel based
Vendor Native Android app /Web panel based
Customer Native Android App
Driver Native Android App

Sub Total INR125,000.00
GST INR22,500.00
Total INR147,500.00

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